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Determine Your Own Identity

Turn Your Life into a Saga!

SaySaga Inspirational® is an artistic, musical, and literary platform based on the idea of helping mankind for a transition to a spiritual, personal, and social New Era in the history.

New Era and Lifestyle in 21st Century

SaySaga name was inspired by the idea of “telling a saga,” and we believe that every single life has the potential to become a saga. Also, we believe that authors and artists from various disciplines have a vital role as guides. What matters to us is the quality of the content, and the value that such works can contribute for the New Era enlightment guidance.

SaySaga Academy®

As SaySaga Inspirational® and SaySaga Academy®, we value originality, consistency, quality, sincerity, honesty, and respect before all, and we act with the principle that an artistic person should be a guide, educator, and role model for the society.

Our founder Selim Yeniceri, who turned his own name into a brand nationwide as book translator in Turkey, using the principles he draws from self-help concepts and Far Eastern Martial Arts, as an author, a musician, and an internationally accredited Quantum Coach, constructed SaySaga Academy® as a set of systems that is easy to understand for everyone. All the authors, self-help experts, coaches, and art people are positioned to support this systematic structure.

SaySaga Studio®

is the brand and branch of our company that focuses on music and stage performance arts.


SaySaga Renaissance®

is the brand and branch of our company that focuses on literature, fiction, novels, various kinds of imaginative art works, etc.