Second Coming


Second Coming Song Sequence


  1. Second Coming (for The Bride) – 8:52
  2. Hammer (Shapes The Grail) – 4:24
  3. Beautiful Beast – 4:10
  4. Dreams Be Thy Name – 4:52
  5. Secret Relics – 4:12
  6. Truth Hidden in The Stars – 7:45
  7. Revelations for The Forsaken Son – 8:44
  8. Just Between The Two of Us, Abba – 6:02
  9. Come Again – 6:51
  10. Perhaps – 3:01
Second Coming Album 2

Total duration: 58:53

All the songs written, composed and arranged by Selim Yeniceri © 2017

Rhythm, lead, acoustic guitars / Keyboards / Pianos by Selim Yeniceri

Lead guitars by Ali Murat Karaarslan

Violins by Yigitcan Kesendere

Flutes by Semina Kesendere

Neys by Yusuf Yilmaz

Kanuns and chalice drums by Ali Çalanlı

Bass guitars by Goktay Gulbahce (in memory)

Drums by Nihat Mert Yeniceri

Recorded by Selim Yeniceri

Mixed and mastered by Ali Murat Karaarslan / Selim Yeniceri

Agent: Nihat Mert Yeniceri

Graphics Design by Gokhan Gor

Produced by SaySaga Inspirational in SaySaga Studio and Angel Force Studios

Angel Force consists of Selim Yeniceri, Ali Murat Karaarslan, Goktay Gulbahce (always to be remembered), Nihat Mert Yeniceri


This album is dedicated to the center of my universe, my twin flame, Valentine – you made everything good possible. I love you so much, Aşkım, I always have, and always will. Sensiz olmam!




First of all, I want to thank to all those who worked with me in this album, Yigitcan, Semina, Yusuf, Ali, Ali Murat, Mert, and of course, Goktay.

I also want to give a special thank to my dear cousin, Mert, who always believed in the potential of what we try to achieve.

And of course, I can’t forget all the support my dear friend Ali Kamil Temizel gave us. Thank you, bro!

I owe my gratitude to Gokhan Gor for all the amazing graphics design, album and book covers he puts forward.

When my dearest Valentine convinced me to go back with music and make a new album 16 years after the first one, there was only one title in my mind, and I decided to set the concept on the Second Coming of The Christ. After many years, our bassist Goktay Gulbahce called me when he heard of it, and in a way that really touched my heart, he told me he was ready to start recording, at bass guitars himself. However, just before we could start working on the album, he left us with all heartbroken due to a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. For this reason, we didn’t work with any other bassist, but we decided to let computer play his parts, and we named him as bassist in this album to honor his memory. I will always remember you with your amazingly BIG heart. Rest in peace, brother, and thank you, I hope you now play with all the great rock musicians up in the Heaven.

And… the greatest and most special THANK YOU has to go to my beautiful Valentine. You are the one who made these all possible, including SaySaga Inspirational. It’s you who is amazing, baby, I’m just lucky. I will love you forever!