A Twin Flame Reunion Novel Based on a True Story

by Selim Yeniceri

As a highly spiritual person who is deeply involved in metaphysics, Onur ends his second marriage due to his wife’s betrayal, and makes a wish to God, asking not to have another woman in his life ever again, unless she is the “true” person.

While he is about to start everything from the scratch, he is satisfied and grateful for everything and all the possibilities he has. After he solves his self-worth issue with the help of a life coach, he is ready to take the first step into his new life.

What he is not ready, though, is his meeting with his twin flame Valentine, who promises him all his deepest desires, coming into his life out of a sudden in the middle of a night. The irresistible attraction and the unconditional love between them convince him that he finally found his dream woman.

However, Valentine has a troublesome secret unknown even to herself.

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Valentine by Selim Yeniceri 1

Selim Yeniceri

Selim Yeniceri is a celebrated book translator, author, musician and internationally-accredited Quantum Coach. With a philosophy inspired by revolutionary self-help concepts, Eastern philosophy and the magic of the Arts, he teaches others how to explore their true inner power, find their passion and embark on their own journeys of self-discovery. Through his mighty guitar-driven rock music, vivid visual art and thought-provoking writing and seminars about his most inspiring experiences and on-going evolution as an artist and human being, he fulfills his mission:  to be a creative messenger who helps others learn to live the imaginative lives of their dreams.

As a Quantum Coach with an internationally-accredited certificate by Livcon, Yeniceri continues to give seminars and training programs to help people live satisfying lives. He is an expert on future planning for youth and kids, bullying problems among kids and teens, career planning for high school and university students, goal setting for companies, high performance and motivation. After hundreds of radio shows, dozens of concerts, two rock albums, numerous illustrations, hundreds of translated books and ten original books, he has become a role model who proves that leading a joyful, full life comes from perseverance and a lifelong dedication to learning. Yeniceri passes on his own principles, fiercely grounded in honor, strength, spirituality and respect and love for all living things to others. He offers real-life strategies for those looking to infinitely expand their world.