The Rebel Patient

Resurrected from a Life Almost Lost

Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD, always believed in being a healer. In her eyes, healing wasn’t only about her profession, but it was adding to quality of life of her patients; more often than not, even when those people weren’t her patients officially. She had strong and humanistic principles when it came to her profession. Then she has been through an incredibly difficult chain of events that brought her where she is in life, now. With a life-changing car accident, she became one of those patients she always cared for.

However, the science of medicine was inadequate to diagnose what her illness was. While fighting for her own life, trying to go around the insufficiency, irresponsibility, or simply insensitivity of some other doctors, who were supposed to help her, she had to face some of the ugliest aspects of medicine industry herself. She had to experience the situation of the most helpless patients from first hand.

Since she was a strong believer of God, eventually, she realized that Lord was making her understand some very important matters in healing, and that she should and could help other people even more. With her extensive knowledge in medicine, she reached to a point where she diagnosed her own situation, instead of depending other doctors who failed her. Then she found some fellow doctors who were as idealistic as she was, and she managed to raise the quality of her life.

Just like that phrase, “What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger,” in her own word, being one of those “one in a million” people, who always refuses to give up, who fights for just one more minute, Dr. Margaret Aranda is back to life as stronger than ever. She understands that being a doctor isn’t confined between the walls of a surgery room. In this book, along with her expert knowledge on medicine, she tells us her story of an amazing battle not only against death, but also those who don’t realize the importance of their professions.

Margaret Aranda, both MD and PhD from Stanford University, is a medical expert who experienced the situation of chronic patients through first hand after the traffic accident she had 10 years ago. With her 5 books published by TATE Publishing is also a social media star who addresses to millions all around the world.

The Rebel Patient Book Trailer