Pathways to Wholeness

A Mindfulness Resource Book for Beginners

by Janet G. Nestor

A Different Meditational Approach…

Pathways to Wholeness introduces us to Walking Meditation practice, and gives an easy-to-use guide to help readers develop their own meditation skills. Walking Meditation has the potential to help practitioners reach higher levels of self-awareness and mindfulness.


As you become aware of the energy of the environment, you can feel the energy flowing through your body. This energy flow enables you to feel as one with the entire universe through nature, helping you gain peacefulness, wellness, and well-being.


… to Feel More Alive!

Janet Nestor writes with an intimacy that embraces each reader, helping you connect to your own inner resources. Pathways to Wholeness will help you discover your own wholeness and feel much more alive!

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Pathways to Wholeness by Janet G. Nestor

Janet G. Nestor is an author and speaker specializing in stress and anxiety management and has written three books on the subject – Nurturing Wellness Through Radical Self Care: A Living in Balance Guide and Workbook; Pathways to Wholeness; and Embracing Your Joy. She was selected as one of Richtopia’s Top 200 Most Influential Authors in the World in 2017.

Janet is also a Diagnostic Prescriptive Educator and Licensed Professional Counselor and Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She is the co-developer of Radiant Energies Balance, a mindfulness-based energy psychology technique that encourages nervous system balance and assists individuals with chronic illness and injuries to regain the ability to move forward in their lives.

Janet has been in private practice since 1999, working with individuals and groups on personal empowerment and positive living. Her passion for creating a bridge between traditional western medicine and alternative holistic health practices was realized when she was selected to join the Community Medicine Committee of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This was the first step in bringing integrative medicine into the hospital.

Janet and her husband Ernie live in North Carolina and have two daughters and four grandchildren. In her free time, Janet enjoys indoor and outdoor gardening, meditation and Chi Gong, doing drawings and readings of auras, and developing her skills as an intuitive healer.