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ISBN: 978-605-82850-7-1


Fantasy / Spiritual / Romance / Novel

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A Twin Flame Reunion Novel Based on a True Story

by Selim Yeniceri


Past Mistakes…

As a highly spiritual person – even though stayed away from spiritualism and metaphysics for a long time now – Onur ends his second marriage due to his wife’s terrible betrayal. Now he has to rebuild his entire life from the scratch with his 8 year old daughter, Mira, from his previous marriage, who lives with him.



When everything begins to come together for the two of them, Onur makes a wish to God, saying he doesn’t want to get involved with any other women, unless she is his real, spiritual wife. While he doesn’t expect it to happen, life has lessons of wishes in store for him.



Satisfied, content, and eager to rebuild his life with his little daughter, grateful for everything they have together, he still has to solve his self-worth issues that root back to his early childhood due to a terrible trauma.



However, when he deals with this issue, the arrival of his twin flame carries their life to a whole new level. Coming into his life miraculously out of a sudden in the middle of a night, Valentine represents his deepest desires for life, and also his greatest fears.


All for the hope of happiness…

In a short while, the irresistible attraction from the very beginning, and the unconditional love between the two of them convince him that he finally found his dream woman.

However, Valentine has a huge secret that is unknown to herself. A promise she had made:




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  1. Samantha Brooks

    Samantha Brooks

    When will we read this awesome book? Hurry, please! And how can I find my TF? Any suggestions?

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