The Rebel Patient by Dr Margaret Aranda – eBook



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The Rebel Patient

Fight For Your Diagnosis

by Dr Margaret Aranda

As she held onto life with all her strength, her colleagues didn’t believe she was sick. They sent her home to die. If only they could see her now! They didn’t have it in them to fight for her life. In reality, they never understood how sick she was, and refused to believe in her honesty. She had to fight, and find one doctor to save her life. And now, she feels as if she died and was born again.

Fight for Your Diagnosis! How many other people did the doctors give up on? Dr. Margaret Aranda is here as a voice for all those who died without a voice. We fight for your health, patient safety, and patient’s lives by giving you information on how the healthcare system works and what you can do to make it better for yourself. You can learn how to be The Rebel Patient!


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