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Dream Tiger

Dream Like A Poet, Fight Like A Tiger

by Selim Yeniceri

So begins the story of Dream Tiger, an intimate memoir by SelimYeniceri that chronicles his own journey growing from a small boy with dreams into an empowered, spiritual man with a mission to shape his own world and help others find their passions. Full of inspirational wisdom and poignant stories about coming of age and evolving in an uncertain world, the book revolves around the revolutionary idea that lies at the heart of Yeniceri’s philosophy:

The real difference between an animal and a human is not the ability of thought, but imagination.”

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Comes with:

I Am The Storm! Soundtrack maxi-single album MP3 

Selim Yeniceri Super Bundle 2

120 Pages / 286 Printed Book Pages

ISBN: 978-605-82850-0-2


Nonfiction / Biography / Self-Help / Motivation

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Selim Yeniceri Super Bundle 3


The Hunter Becomes The Haunted

by Selim Yeniceri

In a near future, Yurtkan Software is the greatest software company in Turkey.

Esra Yurtkan, widowed daughter-in-law of the corporation’s founder, Hikmet Yurtkan, is the sole owner of a fortune of millions of dollars, and enjoys the rich she owns now, after she lost her husband to a plane crash years ago.

Hikmet’s orphaned nephew Sedat, raised as a real son, is the brains of this great corporation. And he is a ruthless businessman, who sees the corporate world as a battleground where everything is permitted.

And now these two have to face an enemy they know nothing about: a mysterious rival corporation with a solid rise since its birth five years ago.

While Sedat is highly confident of his genius, not only as a programmer, but also as a businessman, determined to bring this new rival’s doom. What he doesn’t know, though, is that this company is not an ordinary one. Actually it’s their ultimate personality test, which is full of…


A spiritual fantasy novel by Selim Yeniceri

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119 Pages / 274 Printed Book Pages

ISBN: 978-605-82850-4-0


Fantasy / Spiritual / Novel 

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Selim Yeniceri Super Bundle 4



A Twin Flame Reunion Novel Based on a True Story

by Selim Yeniceri


Past Mistakes…

As a highly spiritual person – even though stayed away from spiritualism and metaphysics for a long time now – Onur ends his second marriage due to his wife’s terrible betrayal. Now he has to rebuild his entire life from the scratch with his 8 year old daughter, Mira, from his previous marriage, who lives with him.


When everything begins to come together for the two of them, Onur makes a wish to God, saying he doesn’t want to get involved with any other women, unless she is his real, spiritual wife. While he doesn’t expect it to happen, life has lessons of wishes in store for him.


Satisfied, content, and eager to rebuild his life with his little daughter, grateful for everything they have together, he still has to solve his self-worth issues that root back to his early childhood due to a terrible trauma.


However, when he deals with this issue, the arrival of his twin flame carries their life to a whole new level. Coming into his life miraculously out of a sudden in the middle of a night, Valentine represents his deepest desires for life, and also his greatest fears.

All for the hope of happiness…

In a short while, the irresistible attraction from the very beginning, and the unconditional love between the two of them convince him that he finally found his dream woman.

However, Valentine has a huge secret that is unknown to herself. A promise she had made:

“I will crush you by your own heart!”

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Comes with:

We Are One (Just in a Kiss) Soundtrack Single by Angel Force MP3

Selim Yeniceri Super Bundle 5

192 Pages / 482 Printed Book Pages

ISBN: 978-605-82850-7-1


Fantasy / Spiritual / Romance / Novel

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Selim Yeniceri Super Bundle 6


The Promise (pre-order)

Based on a True Story

by Selim Yeniceri

Barlas had a wonderful life as an internationally famous author. He lives the life of his dreams. And he believes he deserved it.


A confusing message that arrives in the darkness of a night.

The mysterious death of a long lost love, and hearing it from herself after her death.

A promise made to her decades ago… which will not give you peace unless you find out the truth.

All these can disrupt your progress in the flow of your destiny, freezing you on your tracks.

And you may have to face the overwhelming truth of limitations of being a human being when it comes to space-and-time continuum.

Do you think the regrets of the past are enough for you to change your destiny?

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Fantasy / Spiritual / Romance / Novel

For PDF version, Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended.


Second Coming Album (pre-order)



An Oriental Symphonic Metal album based on the theme of Jesus Christ.

Selim Yeniceri - Second Coming Album Teaser

Saysaga Inspirational -- Determine your own identity!

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  1. Marina Nikolina

    Marina Nikolina

    I bought the entire set a week ago. Looking forward to get the rest of the books, but I finished reading Dream Tiger and Enigma at once. (Loved the songs in your maxi-single by the way.) Dream Tiger is written in a very personal, direct, and sincere way. And the ending of Enigma completely caught me off guard. Selim, you rock! Keep going, handsome!

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