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Fantasy / Spiritual / Novel

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The Hunter Becomes The Haunted

by Selim Yeniceri

In a near future, Yurtkan Software is the greatest software company in Turkey.

Esra Yurtkan, widowed daughter-in-law of the corporation’s founder, Hikmet Yurtkan, is the sole owner of a fortune of millions of dollars, and enjoys the rich she owns now, after she lost her husband to a plane crash years ago.

Hikmet’s orphaned nephew Sedat, raised as a real son, is the brains of this great corporation. And he is a ruthless businessman, who sees the corporate world as a battleground where everything is permitted.

And now these two have to face an enemy they know nothing about: a mysterious rival corporation with a solid rise since its birth five years ago.

While Sedat is highly confident of his genius, not only as a programmer, but also as a businessman, determined to bring this new rival’s doom. What he doesn’t know, though, is that this company is not an ordinary one. Actually it’s their ultimate personality test, which is full of…


A spiritual fantasy novel by Selim Yeniceri

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4 reviews for Enigma by Selim Yeniceri – eBook

  1. Marina Nikolina

    Marina Nikolina

    The ending of Enigma completely caught me off guard. And how did you come to know so much, Selim? You rock!

  2. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    Just… DAMN! A tale that goes from the Himalayans to Europe, and to Americas, woven with such deep inner questionings with complex personalities… And with such a surprising plot? What do you feed to your imagination, man? If you can write such stories, I wouldn’t want to be your enemy! GOOD WORK!

  3. Steven Randolph

    Steven Randolph

    I couldn’t understand what this book is all about. A romance story? A sci-fi story? Self-help philosophy? I wonder if Selim Yeniceri knows what he’s talking about?

  4. Matsui San

    Matsui San

    Author could have delved into computer science a little bit more. Still, of course I’m thinking as a computer engineer. Storyline and the lessons are well covered, I’d say. And Selim Yeniceri knows a lot about arts of war and strategy. I can feel the samurai aura in him, anyway.

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