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Nonfiction / Biography / Self-Help / Motivation

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Dream Tiger

Dream Like A Poet, Fight Like A Tiger

by Selim Yeniceri

So begins the story of Dream Tiger, an intimate memoir by SelimYeniceri that chronicles his own journey growing from a small boy with dreams into an empowered, spiritual man with a mission to shape his own world and help others find their passions. Full of inspirational wisdom and poignant stories about coming of age and evolving in an uncertain world, the book revolves around the revolutionary idea that lies at the heart of Yeniceri’s philosophy:

The real difference between an animal and a human is not the ability of thought, but imagination.”

“When it comes to the question of how you will live your life, you have two options: either you follow the rules and live the life that was designed for you by society from the day you were born, or you follow your own rules and shape your life exactly the way you want it to be.”

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9 reviews for Dream Tiger by Selim Yeniceri – eBook

  1. Marina Nikolina

    Marina Nikolina

    Your story touched me deeply, Selim. You’re really an extraordinary guy. And that story about the eagle and the hens?! God! May I marry to your brain?

  2. Alex Bruno

    Alex Bruno

    I was completely demoralized about my life before I read this book. His superb and sincere narration style aside, I can say Selim Yeniceri is a master on motivation. I feel empowered after reading all that sh.t he had to overcome with such spirit. Thank you for the encouragement, brother! You are awesome!

  3. Nancy Striker

    Nancy Striker

    Hmm, sooo… SEXY!

  4. Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence

    A golden boy who becomes a single father, raising his own son, so successful in his career, and taking on a crusade against the entire global socio-economical system? I thought it was just a fallacy until reading his story. Now I see a guy who did his homework perfectly. Selim, you are a light of hope for many! Bravo!

  5. Steven Randolph

    Steven Randolph

    A complete book for the author’s boasting himself. Crap!

  6. Terrell Rogers

    Terrell Rogers

    You are a guy who absolutely thinks out of the box! Keep writing, Selim! I’m your number one fan!

  7. Erin James

    Erin James

    The most profound message of the book: I make my own rules! Bold… and true to heart! Like it.

  8. Jerry Moore

    Jerry Moore

    I’ve been following you on Twitter for a long time now. You don’t disappoint, my friend. Good work!

  9. Matsui San

    Matsui San

    While Enigma had a surprising turns of events, Dream Tiger made me realize Yeniceri-san is a real warrior. His attitude and idea of applying the principles of martial arts into his life and career left me speechless, considering all the obstacles he had to overcome to reach where he is today. I have to admit that he earned my respect.

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