Selim Yeniceri

/ Founding CEO, Author, Book Translator, Musician, Quantum Coach, Businessman

Beginning from his childhood, Selim Yeniceri left hundreds of radio shows, dozens of concerts and stage shows,

two rock music albums, numerous illustrations and paintings, over 300 books translated,

8 novels, self-help and English teaching book sets written, proving the amazing victory of perseverance and knowledge.

Yeniceri has dedicated his life to help others to realize their full potentials.

Nihat Mert Yeniçeri

/ Chief of Digital Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing Manager

He was born in Istanbul, 1992. After he completed Kemerburgaz University International Logistics Management, he continued with his university education at Nisantasi University Public Relations and Advertising up to day. After working for Bonus Media Digital Agency – he was also trained as digital marketing expert during that time – and Moni Advertising Agency for a year each, he started Dijicom Advertising Agency with his two partners. He continues his career at Dijicom actively. He also works as a musician – drums and percussions – for 11 years now; he is also an official member of Selim Yeniceri’s Angel Force.

Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD

/ Editor-in-Chief, Doctor, Author, Immuno-nutrition and Anti-Aging Expert, Businesswoman

Hailing from Stanford University with two doctorate degrees both in medicine and philosophy,

Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD is an expert who experienced the situation of chronical patients

after the car accident she had a decade ago. With her 5 published books,

Aranda is also a social media star with thousands of followers worldwide.

Rohan Yeniçeri

/ Management Intern

Rohan was born in February 2005. He was only 2 years old when he had his first meditation session, which he enjoyed a lot. He is highly interested in spirituality, ways of life, human values, and most importantly, history of automotive designing. He likes asking lots of questions regarding matters mentioned, having deep conversations with his father, and karting again under the supervision of his father. A middle school senior, Rohan was chosen for one of two school teams for the international contest Destination Imagination, and he is in his internship in business management in SaySaga Inspirational, where he also works for the production of Quantum Stretch videos with Selim Yeniceri.