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“You are the best Daddy ever, you know?”

My son was 3.5 years old. We parted ways with his mother, and she preferred to go back to her homeland, Philippines, leaving our son to my care, saying I would take care of him better than she could do.

It was a weird time when everybody chose to step out of our life suddenly, as if divorce was a contagious disease. He was aware that we were left on our own, and I think he was grateful for I didn’t leave him like others, too. Who knows what else he was experiencing in his own little world.

I wasn’t doing something special, just cutting his slice of beef. But obviously, it meant a lot to him, because Daddy was always there to back him up, or take care of him. Suddenly, he held my wrist with his tiny hand, looked deeply into my eyes, and declared me as the best Daddy ever. It was a moment that would stay with me forever.

I’ve always had a special relationship with my son. First of all, I had an emphatic pregnancy before his birth, and I think post partum syndrome, too. And other than giving birth to him and nursing, I always took care of his needs, from diaper changes, games, and having walks outside to doctor visits.

And since he was always more mature than his age, now we were on the way to become best friends besides being father and son.

Until he was six years old, he slept with me almost every night. Even if I tuck him in his own bed, he would call me at a weird hour of the morning, or simply walk into my bedroom to sleep with his “best Daddy.”

It was hard and weird emotionally for me, too. For instance, he didn’t have a Mom to celebrate Mother’s Days. Whenever they held a ceremony or something related to mothers at preschool, I knew how he felt even if he had Mom and Dad in the same person. There were many times we watched Moms and kids from afar, without saying anything to each other; just our eyes meeting evasively. There was nothing to say after all.

Best Daddy Ever by Selim Yeniceri 2

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman; as long as you are a single parent, you are out of norms, and it affects your child, too. Inevitably. Especially in more conservative societies where a family should consist three people at least, you are a stranger, a freak, someone to keep a distance, to be isolated with your child.

I know Dads are always heroes for little guys. But I don’t think I really know what I mean to mine, since I was more than a father.

My greatest advantage was that I was working from home, so I could be with my son 24/7. I don’t know how many fathers could watch their children grow day to day, hour to hour, sharing and witnessing their special moments.

Now my son is 13 years old, at the beginning of puberty. He is becoming a kind, gentle, and dignified young man. A lot of people compliment him about his politeness, and social skills. I still keep watching him, cherishing every moment we spend together.

And I know one thing for sure. Even if I am so successful in my career, and very productive in general, he will always be my greatest success. How do you know I am successful at that? Because I am “the best Daddy ever.” Children don’t lie about such things.




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