Selim Yeniceri 

/ Author, Book Translator, Musician, Quantum Coach

“The real difference between an animal and a human is not the ability of thought, but imagination.”

Selim Yeniceri is a celebrated book translator, author, musician and internationally-accredited Quantum Coach. With a philosophy inspired by revolutionary self-help concepts, Eastern philosophy and the magic of the Arts, he teaches others how to explore their true inner power, find their passion and embark on their own journeys of self-discovery. His mighty guitar-driven rock music embodies his belief that music is the universal language of the soul and a gateway to the spirit realm. Through music, vivid visual art and thought-provoking writing and seminars about his most inspiring experiences and on-going evolution as an artist and human being, he fulfills his mission:  to be a creative messenger who helps people learn to live the imaginative lives of their dreams. Yeniceri passes on his own principles, fiercely grounded in honor, strength, spirituality and respect and love for all living things to others. He offers real-life strategies for those looking to infinitely expand their world.

“It doesn’t matter what your religion is – there is only one true spiritual message: respect each other, live like human beings and treat each other like human beings.”

Yeniceri was born in Istanbul in the early ‘70s and exhibited a talent for the Arts early on. He felt a deep connection to music and picked up guitar, mandolin and experimented with melodies and harmonies on a variety of indigenous Turkish instruments. As a young child, he began working at Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) as an actor and voice-over artist. While there, he was trained by legends of Turkish cinema and theater including Suna Pekuysal, Raik Alniacik, Sumru Yavrucuk, Vedat Demirci, Gazanfer Ozcan, and Enis Fosforoglu. Yeniceri also worked as a professional actor at Istanbul City Theaters from ages 11 until 13.

A rebel with a fierce warrior’s heart, he fell in love with the electric guitar in his teens and began to write hard rock music to express his ideas and feelings on a guitar gifted to him by a family friend. After high school, Yeniceri finished his university education at internationally-renowned Mimar Sinan University Academy of Fine Arts, graduating as a classical bookbinder and calligrapher. All the while, he continued working on his musical craft. He gave concerts in various cities throughout Turkey with acclaimed performers and bands.

At 17, he started work as an Accounting Vice Manager and IT Manager for a major electronics corporation. However, he found himself devouring so many books in his free moments that he was pulled towards work as a book translator, translating books from English into Turkishmore than a decade later. He developed into one of the most famous translators in his home country after translating the book, You:  The Owners Manual by famed doctor and best-selling author, Mehmet Oz, MD. The year it was published, Yeniceri was a top-ten best-selling translator. Since 1998, he has translated over 300 books into Turkish across genres, including best-selling titles by authors such as William R. Brassell, Peter David (After Earth), Anne Rice (The Vampire Chronicles), Tom Clancy, Kevin Hogan, Milton Erickson, John C. Maxwell and others. His translated works have collectively sold around three million copies so far; some are studied as ideal examples of translation in English and American Literature Departments at some universities in Turkey.

During sessions with psychologist Mahpeyker Kocgunduz during his early 20s, Yeniceri became fascinated by self-help and popular psychology. The concepts he learned began to influence his music, and he brought it to his metal band, Angel Force, which became a shadow rock band that wasn’t visible, but indirectly influential throughout Turkey, inspiring many wanna-be rock musicians. The band shot a video for celebrated rock musician and one of his heroes, Baris Manco’s TV show 7’den 77’ye. After performing on the show, he got an opportunity to meet with Manco, who noted his talent and encouraged him never to give up on his dreams, a concept he continues to pass along to others through his work:  “I saw you on stage. Trust me, some day there will be others who dream to meet you.”

Though the band eventually split up, Yeniceri recorded his first rock album, Krallarin Yolu (Road of the Kings) in 1999. He wrote, composed and arranged all the songs on the album along with playing a majority of the instruments: acoustic guitars; keyboards; pianos and lead and backing vocals. Due to a rocky national music market, the album never hit, and Yeniceri decided to travel to the Philippines to learn more about himself and the world around him.

He stayed in Philippines for one year, recording and performing with a popular local pop/rock and R&B band called The Diamonds. He enjoyed great success in the Filipino music industry due to his bold personality and memorable stage presence andbecame known as “Eye of the Tiger.” It was also in this creatively fertile setting that he met his first wife. They returned to Turkey at the end of the year, and Yeniceri began to work as an English teacher at Ugur Dogruguven Foreign Language School for several years.

In early 2004, Yeniceri founded Kozmik Kitaplar (Cosmic Books) as Founding General Publishing Director, and published books in a variety of genres, such as New Age, metaphysics, paranormal, self-help, and occultism. That same year, his first novel, Enigma was published. With a twisting plot and surprise ending, Enigma was met with rave reviews and was named as one of the most interesting books of the year by Kitap magazine.

While working on new music and books, Yeniceri continued to work on his music and as a freelance book translator. In 2011, he started a blog site titled SaySaga Inspirational, writing articles about universal human challenges, art, health and wellness and spiritual growth in English. While the website began as a hobby, it managed to reach readers from 25 countries in just one year. Through the site, Yeniceri connected with famous psychologists, authors, bloggers, musicians, and self-help experts from all around the world.

Yeniceri turned SaySaga Inspirational into an official company in late 2016. The company does work in publishing, music, arts, and advertising industries.Through these many creative channels, Yeniceri delivers his message of love for humanity and self improvement. As a Quantum Coach with an internationally-accredited certificate by Livcon, he is an expert on future planning for youth and kids, bullying problems among kids and teens, career planning for high school and university students, goal setting for companies, high performance, and motivation.

Selim Yeniceri’s latest book, Dream Tiger is his tenth book and a memoir about his own spiritual journey through music and the Arts. It will be published by SaySaga Inspirational and in late February 2017. Still a prolific songwriter, he will be releasing a collection of songs and videos about spiritual empowerment, beginning with the powerhouse rocker “I Am The Storm!” He is also planning performances in the U.S in mid-late 2017.

Yeniceri continues to give seminars and training programs to help people to live satisfying lives. After hundreds of radio shows, dozens of concerts, two rock albums, numerous illustrations, hundreds of translated books and ten original books, he has become a role model who proves that leading a joyful, full life comes from perseverance and a lifelong dedication to learning.