Esra Ozkalkan – COO (Turkey)

Author, Speaker, Quantum Awareness Guide (Turkey)

Born in Istanbul, Ozkalkan completed her education at Istanbul Bilgi University International Business Management. Aiming for deep soul searching since her early childhood, due to her insatiable curiosity about the Creation and Existence, she was initiated to Mystic Melamine teachings in 1993. Working with names like Tobias, Semra-Ercument Ayanbasi, Gulum Omay, Nilgun Sarar, and Ron La Place, she became a highly knowledgable expert on DNA Harmony, also creating some very powerful arguments on Divine Sexual Energies, which is a topic that gained a huge popularity all around the world in late years. With her book Uyan Ac Kalbini (Wake Up to Open Your Heart) in 2016 and dozens of seminars under her belt, Ozkalkan joined SaySaga Inspirational as COO, author, and spiritual consultant in Summer 2018. Her books about the Divine Coding of DNA will be published by SaySaga Academy soon.

Following a Vegan diet due to her deep love and respect for the animals and nature in general, Ozkalkan had her articles posted on, The Wise, Trendus, Yuvaya Yolculuk, and she will keep writing on and