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Ece Ozbas

Author, Editor, Scholar on Esoterism & Sociology

Ozbas was born in Istanbul, 1973. She worked as a proofreader, editor, and publishing director for various newspapers, magazines and publishers since 1992. In 2002, she began with her career as a professional author with two biographies titled Cahit Sitki Taranci: His Life and Works, and Payami Sapha: His Life and Works. In 2008, she adapted the classic work by Mehmed Akif Ersoy, Safahat into modern Turkish. She also worked as an independent editor with many respected and famous Turkish authors.

With a degree on Sociology from the University of Anatolia, and a prominent name in Turkish publishing industry, Ozbas took place in a memorial work titled Fethin 550. Yilinda Istanbul Sairleri-Yazarlari (Poets and Authors of Istanbul in the 550th Anniversary of the Conquest), a work was made of the works 550 poets and authors in their original hand writings, and published by Istanbul City Municipality, and wrote an essay work titled Alinda and a novel titled Sihrin Kovulmus Melekleri (will be published soon by SaySaga Renaissance with the title Banished Angels of the Magic).